It's not really a passion for cooking so much as an everlasting love...

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About The Cooking Coach 101

Started in 2010, The Cooking Coach 101 has been providing, first and formost, top notch, one on one, private cooking instruction.  Whether someone is a beginner or just looking to freshen up their skills in the kitchen, The Cooking Coach 101 can be like a personal trainer for improved cooking!
The company was started in order to provide comprehensive and affordable cooking instruction to home cooks in the place they need it the most.  Their own kitchens. 

Beth Hirsch says
"I call myself the Cooking Coach, because just like a personal trainer or life coach, I want to teach and inspire new cooks to do something I believe will help provide a better quality of life for them and for those that they love. I do my best to wisk their sagging culinary skills and muscles into excellent shape."

We Love our Community!

The Cooking Coach 101 also provides some ocassional group classes and cooking demos We are available for health and cooking related speaking engagments in the area and generously provide support and gift certifcates to help with the fundraising efforts of good causes all over the greater los Angeles area

For more information, please call or email us at


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