Who is the Cooking Coach...?

Beth Hirsch is a professional home chef with more than 30 years experience cooking and entertaining.  Shestarted at the age of ten, preparing full meals for her very large family and learned from a long line of seasoned and professional cooks.  Cooking duties were never a chore for her and she always enjoyed and appreciated it as a creative and almost Zen like outlet.  Over the years, in between other gigs in the entertainment business, she sought out caterers and restaurants to work for and enjoyed the opportunities to learn from professional chefs and to hone her own skills in the kitchen.  When her daughter was born she left the entertainment industry behind for good and at which point she really began to perfect her craft, taking classes and practicing all manner of cooking and baking arts. 

Over the years Beth met many people who had never learned to cook, some of them other parents who felt they had no other choice but to feed their kids prepackaged and fast foods that we now know may be very damaging to our health.  Also, she felt that young people out on their own for the first time, college students and newlyweds that she became acquainted with, were spending way too much of their sometimes meager resources eating out every night.   So a lot of these non-cooks, after learning of Beth’s skills, would depend on her for help with their family dinners, parties and holiday entertaining.  So, without even realizing it, she found herself becoming a teacher.  After much encouragement from friends and family she finally decided to hang out a shingle and opened The Cooking Coach 101 in home cooking school, to teach others not only these important basic skills, but to use them to better their health and quality of life.  Beth says, "People ask me all the time if I have a passion for cooking and I say no. I would describe it more as a deep and everlasting love and I want so much for others to have that same feeling about it. I don't want you to think of cooking as a chore any longer but as a creative and relaxing activity - something to look forward to when you wake up in the morning at the end of a long busy day."

Beth Hirsch lives in Los Angeles California with her husband and young daughter. 

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