Customer Reviews

" Thank you for coming out on Wednesday.  The meal was a big hit with the family and we had leftovers on Thursday. My son even told his Kindergarten teacher I was taking a cooking class. You arrived prepared and with a lot of helpful information. It is now clear to me that planning and strategy are necessary parts of cooking. Being prepared made the activity less stressful, and, contrary to what I thought, there was still time to be spontaneous and do some experimenting with food accents. I also learned a bit about food safety, knife handling tips, spices, and cookware. Thank you again. - David S.  

“Beth, I want to let you know that our dinner was a huge success!  The chicken was absolutely perfect!  We already love the le creuset pot!  We roasted fingerling potatoes (quartered) in olive oil, salt, pepper and herbs de provence as well as asparagus, onion and red bell pepper.  We used the white sauce with the mushroom and bacon, and it was altogether fabulous.  We also had some spinach salad with yellow cherry tomatoes, scallions, pecan pieces and champagne pear vinagrette dressing.  There are NO leftovers.   Scott and I appreciate all your guidance and suggestions. We are happy to refer you to everyone and anyone who needs a cooking coach!”  - Liz F

"THANK YOU soooo much for everything last week! Dinner was such a hit! Especially the chicken everyone loved!... I'm excited to make that chicken again! was so yummy! thanks again, i appreciate it!  - Sharon L

“Thank you.  It was a fun, interesting, educational afternoon.”  -  Rhonda and Stan G.

Thank you so much - you are amazing at what you do and my son  has truly enjoyed his time with you.  I wish you a very blessed and relaxing Mother's Day!”  - Lauren H. 

“Beth, Just wanted to say thanks again for the lesson and advice on Saturday! I think we learned a lot and got some great new ideas. I think it really opened some doors for us in terms of understanding where and how we can experiment with the things we have sitting in our fridge or on our counters. :) If you get a chance we'd love to get a copy of the knowledge/tips/manual that you've prepared for your clients.”  –josh S. 

“Beth,  Both recipes turned out great.....the chicken is this evening's offering and I had company for St. Paddy's dinner and served both the currant and the savory soda bread....I gave a quarter of the savory loaf to a neighbor who emailed saying it was delicious.......  Thanks again looking forward to more classes.  “  -Steven D.  

“Beth, Thanks for a great morning.... and thanks again for sticking it out even though you were so exhausted! I had SO Much fun and the food was delicious!!!    OMG! That was truly the best class!   Thank you very much!”  - Marie C.  

“Beth is an amazing instructor!  What I love about Beth's program is that she comes directly to you and gives you real, 1:1 instructions rather than going to a large, cooking class where you work with a team to only make one portion of the entire meal.  I love Beth and highly, highly recommend others taking a class with her!  My husband is becoming more and more happy too, as i learn to make healthy and delicious meals. “ :D  Rachellle  R. 

“Beth,  Thanks again for great class!!!  Used the sauces we made in many ways all week long and my wife and kids loved them, now if I can just repeat that recipe without you….Thanks again “ -  Geoff S 

“Beth, Thank you so much for the cooking lesson on Wednesday!  The vegetable lasagna was delicious, and showing me how to chop and roast vegetables was a huge help!!  Can’t wait to learn more,…” Saphira F.  

“Beth…thanks..the soup (Thai Coconut) turned out spectacular as did the pot stickers; matter of fact found out that the soup is one of my son's  favorite Thai foods....gave him a jar of it last night. ... thank you also, for the lesson last month ...coq au vin was fabulous..and the clafouti ,..a scrumptiou​s lunch followed after this invaluable private lesson!  Look forward to our next session....regards”   -George C.

“It was really great to meet you today. We really enjoyed our intro session together and the handy tips you gave us.” – Suki 

“The lamb was so tender. The meal was absolutely delicious and SO flavorful. I was so impressed … You have consistently gone above and beyond -- we have been so grateful to work with you!   Take care & see you next month (hopefully),”  -  Matt F. 

“We LOVED the food. Actually, we both felt it was the best meal we've made together -- really delicious!!!  And thanks so much for everything you've taught me! “ -Scott  A.  

“Beth,  Wow!!  That turkey mole chili was incredible - my husband loved it, and even the kids ate it!! Thanks!!!”  - Jody S. 

“An amazing chef and friend came over today and we grilled in the high heat.    Such a talented, helpful, terrific cook! Thanks!”  - Alice S. 

“Yes,… Beth is a great chef and needs to open a restaurant...she's that good! “ - Cheryl G.

“Loved my Morrocan Fish dish! Thanks Beth! “  -Lynn S.

“Beth is a great instructor. She came to the house for the five basic lesson plan we purchased and I got all her attention. I had zero experience in the kitchen, and now I feel like I can probably pull some simple dishes together.” -  Stephanie H. 

“Cooking Coach has really helped me with great cooking ideas for holiday & other family functions.  Thanks Cooking Coach!  I look forward to many more ideas in the future.” -  Stephen C.