Menu of Private Classes

Kitchen and Pantry Evaluation - Evaluate kitchen and pantry, for organization. Suggest equipment and cookware.  Learn how to create a meal plan and shopping List. Customized program and recipes based on evaluation.  Free and mandatory with any package purchase. 

    • Knife Skills - Learn all the basic chopping and slicing techniques and learn to prepare dishes that utilize chopped fruits and veggies.
    • Mother Sauces - Learn to cook the 5 basic sauces and their variations plus, reduction and pan sauces, salad dressing and marinades. 
    • Poultry – How to prepare different cuts of poultry, including a whole roast chicken with sides.
    • How to Boil Water - The proper way to boil, pasta, potatoes, eggs and fresh vegetables, plus recipes that include them.
    • Meats – Braising, pan or oven roasting, frying.  Learn the cuts of meat and how best to prepare them.
    • Seafood – Fish choice and shell fish choice, with appropriate sides.
    • Sides - New, fresh recipes and techniques for Pasta, Rice, Beans and Grains and vegetables both hot and cold.
    • Breakfast Foods - make all classic egg dishes, bacon, pancakes french toast, other special brunch items.
    • Basics of Baking - Choose Sweets: cake, pie, tarts, cookies, bread pudding, souffle and cake breads (like banana bread) or Savory:  including simple bread making, rolls, quick breads, biscuits, pizza dough and Gourmet pizzas.
    • Ethnic Foods -    Italian, French, Indian, Asian, Latin American, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean,  Moroccan
    • Cocktail /Dinner Party – Appetizers, drinks, main courses presentation ideas

General Information on Group Cooking Classes and Special Events

All group cooking classes, or parties by the Cooking Coach 101 are held at Surfas Restaurant Supply and Gourmet Food in Culver City, unless noted otherwise.   

20 students maximum per class.10 students minimum per class. Approxmate price per person is $75.00
Payments must be made in advance of event by check or credit card. 
Contact us at the email below for reservations and payment arrrangements. 


    Gift Certificates Available  
    Call or Email for Appointment 

    Travel radius restrictions and fees may apply.  No Refunds.